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University Health Network Circle of Bravery Physician Team

The team of specialists that complete the Hang Tough Circle of Bravery are part of the University Health Network (UHN), the largest hospital-based research program in Canada. Toronto General Hospital, an affiliate of UHN, was ranked as the 4th best hospital in the world by Newsweek in 2020. Each specialist brings with them decades of experience and a special enthusiasm for the potential of this initiative to transform the lives of patients and their families.

Dr. Michael Crump

Dr. Michael Crump


(An expert in blood disorders in disorders of the lymphatic system)

"I have increasingly witnessed patients with additional cardiac or kidney disorders. These funds will greatly support needed research in complex disease management."
Dr. Tirone David

Dr. Tirone David

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

(An expert in repairing, replacing, and optimizing heart valve function)

“Funds raised will help us better understand how to treat those patients facing challenging complications between cancer treatment and heart conditions."

Lifetime Achievement Award  

Dr. Diego Delgado

Dr. Diego Delgado


(An expert in heart failure and heart transplantation)

“The field of cardio-oncology is growing, as are cardiovascular complications from cancer therapies. Funds raised will support research to prevent cardiac side effects of chemotherapy."
Dr. Eugene Downar

Dr. Eugene Downar


(An expert in heart rhythm disorder)

“This research will provide valuable understanding of inter-disease interactions, helping patients with multiple chronic complexities arising from cancer, cardiac, kidney and associated urological disorders.”
Dr. Tony Finelli

Dr. Tony Finelli

Urologic Oncologist and Surgeon

(An expert in the management of urologic malignancies)

“No patient should have to worry that the therapy they’re receiving could have unintended consequences. Through Hang Tough, we can make sure of it.”
Dr. Nanthakumar

Dr. Nanthakumar

Cardiac Electrophysiologist

(An expert in heart rhythm disorders)

“By imagining credible and probable paths, physicians can present hopeful alternatives, especially when these diseases coincide.”
Dr. James Scholey

Dr. James Scholey


(An expert in the progression of chronic kidney disease)

“Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects people’s lives and better management of CKD is an important part of cancer care."

Circle Of Bravery Cabinet Members

Sam Ciccolini

Connie Clerici

   The Honourable William G. Davis

Neil Davis

John Howard

Tony La Mantia

Blair McArthur

The Honourable Bob Rae

Arlene Willis

Renat Zaltz

Madeline Zito

Len, Marisa & Stefanie Crispino, Hang Tough co-founders

Shauna Seabrook, ex-officio member